Dhia Haddej

Originally from Brussels, Dhia's career includes being a pro high jumper in Tunisia as well as over a decade in software engineering. As software product manager for Blancco's enterprise and data center solutions, Dhia brings a strong belief in teamwork, innovation and meeting customer needs. He is also fluent in four languages.

Routers, Switches & Data Security: Why Automated Network Device Sanitization Can’t Be Overlooked

Sanitizing network devices such as routers, switches and access points has become increasingly important. Why? As technology has advanced, so has their ability to function as data storage devices. Completely erasing stored data when decommissioning is absolutely critical from a data security standpoint. It’s also important when it comes to network device resale and keeping them out of landfills. … Read More

How to Securely Erase Different SSDs: NVMe, PCIe and More
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managing and automating data erasure for mobile devices
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Managing and Automating Data Erasure for Mobile Devices
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desktop erasure
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Infotheek Data Erasure Case Study
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